Ludlow Tent Colony Material Culture Exercise

This exercise is intended to demonstrate the process of artifact analysis and to show students how information about people is gained from that analysis. The galleries below will be needed in conjunction with the worksheet in order to complete the activity. Click HERE to download the worksheet.

Note to professors: In order to help students get the full benefit of this exercise, it may be helpful to provide some background information on artifact analysis.  Resources on maker’s marks (to aid in the identification of bottles and ceramics) and other classes of material culture students might not be familiar with (e.g. clasps and hat pins) can be helpful.  Books and online resources on vessel types, maker’s marks, and other archaeological data can enrich the exercise of object research.  Period mail order catalogues, such as Sears and Roebuck and Montgomery Ward, are particularly helpful resources as well. Click HERE for a suggested list of references.

Object 1 Image

Object 2 Image

Object 3 Image

Object 4 Image

Object 5 Image

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