Labor Today

Although significant in the struggle for workers rights, the efforts and sacrifices of the strikers in the Colorado Coalfield Strike of 1913-1914 are not unique in American history.  Workers in coal mines and in other dangerous industries have fought for safer working conditions and adequate compensation since the Industrial Revolution began.

Currently, the United States supports regulatory agencies to monitor the safety of mines and provide better conditions for workers.  Legislation such as the Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act (1969) helped institutionalize federal regulation of mining and related industries. The government continues to establish regulations to protect the working population.    
However, the struggle continues both in the United States and in the global arena.  Accidents such as the Massey Mine Disaster Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster, West Virginia 2010, 29 dead), the Copiapó Mine Disaster (Chile 2010) and the Niupeng Coal Mine Flood (China 2011, 21 dead) illustrate the continued threat to miners today and the human cost of the mining industry.

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